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Our Western Tantra tends to lean heavily toward sexuality and control. This is not the tradition of Tantra and has created some problems for the Western society such that no one grows up in a Tantra oriented family. Children, adolescents, and even young adults are generally banned from learning Tantra because of this one-sided teaching. In fact, Tantra is rich in family participation. One of the goals of Tantra was stated by The Buddha when he was questioned about his level of awareness and perception. His reply was "I'm awake." and is a goal we all need to keep in mind.

Tantra has as many variations as the Christian Protestant Churches. Some Tantra groups act as religions, some act as secular studies, some emphasize sexuality, some have nothing to do with sexuality. As an investigator, you have a wide range of choices but here, in the Western society, the choice is very limited. Either it is filled with sexuality or is so esoteric as to be incomprehensible. There is a reason for this.

Once upon a time (now didn't you just know that was coming), Tantra was practiced much as people learn their "sums." Tantra was not filled with mystery any more than mathematics is filled with mystery. Children learned the equivalent of addition and subtraction, gradually growing into multiplication and division. Higher levels of mathematics are introduced later in life and calculus, differential equations, and concepts of n-space are essentially adult levels of mathematics. Tantra was taught in a similar fashion, with simple concepts taught to children, gradually growing in complexity as the child matured, sometimes, but not always, culminating in sexual rituals with adulthood. We should note here that the age of becoming an adult has varied greatly from society to society and over the years. Any teaching of Tantra must take into account the society and the consideration of the perception of what defines an adult in that society and culture. If this is not considered, the student may be unable to participate and properly learn Tantra and the teacher may have legal difficulties.

This teaching gap has caused Tantra to be considered as solely an adult method for our Western Society, and is a similar problem even in the Eastern counties such as India where the British stamped out Tantra during their colonial rule. Much of that colonial rule was during the Victorian Era and anything that even hinted at overt sexuality was attacked and proscribed. Thus, the very home of Tantra, India, was made virtually devoid of all Tantra teachings. This website is an attempt to bring the Tantric methods to the whole family, even to the youngest members.

Articles and rituals are being evaluated for effectiveness and suitability. These will soon be made available here on this website so put this in your favorites and check back every so often. In the meantime, remember the goal of Tantra is not "good sex" but rather a method of attainment. Attainment of high spiritual values and abilities, attainment of greater awareness, and the ability to live more abundantly. Beginning with a full sexual ritual may be enjoyable but may not bring these goals without a deeper background in Tantra teaching.

For information on energy management, try as above, so below , an exposition into turning spiritual energy into manifestation in the physical world.

Thank you again for visiting. If you're interested in adult Tantra, the next paragraph will get you started. If you've come from our sister site, welcome and as you know, there will be much, much more to go.

Visit our sister site, kundalini-tantra.com for more information on beginning Tantra as an adult. The extensive writing covers nearly all aspects of adult Tantra and there are numerous rituals suggested in the text with some specific rituals available for sale Click here. Enjoy being alive and check back for more progress here.


Note: We are presently preparing a CD with many rituals, hints, suggestions, examples, and photos for your assistance. We believe it will be very instructive. Price will be kept as low as we can so as many as possible can have the CD for use.

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